4 things to do when packing your boxes for moving

If you are planning to move out to a new residence, it is proper for you to lay down the right packing plans and ascertain early enough where to find boxes. You can enjoy quality packaging and storage containers when you choose quality movers to hire for the moving process. There are also a few factors that matter once you have finished packing your boxes and are about to start loading them to the moving trucks. There are a few things which when done wrong could jeopardize the contents of the boxes amid transit. Read on below to ascertain the various things you must do right when loading storage boxes to a truck.

Assess your needs

Ascertain the things that need moving first. Sorting out through all your belongings and disposing the useless ones will give you a better picture of what needs to be moved. This will help you make better preparations just in case you want the right sized boxes. All items must be able to fit into the respective boxes that you had intended for them. Better preparation will mitigate any surprises when you are packing your belongings.

Wrap delicate items before packaging

Enough cushioning is necessary when you are packing your items to boxes. There are obviously a number of sensitive items that could break from the instability in the vehicle during transit. In the event they box falls or knocks against one another, proper cushioning can easily protect the sensitive items in the container. Ultimately your items can reach their destination intact or you can risk not wrapping them up for cushioning and experience the loss that comes from all the shaking and minor accidents that happen.

Stack in the right order

Did you know poorly set up or stacked boxes can easily fall apart especially with excess movement resulting from the moving truck? You must find a way to arrange your boxes in a reasonable manner for them to maintain their position in the moving truck regardless of whatever may be happening. Use duct tape to join all the boxes side by side and also try a perpendicular design of taping at the position where the box sides meet. This will prevent any unnecessary movement and losses that could result from poor arrangement of the boxes. It is better you do this before commencing the journey in order to have the best time moving.






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