Don’t Look Now! Keter CEO Alejandro Pena Underscores Sustainability Efforts on Company’s 75th Anniversary

Don’t Look Now! Keter CEO Alejandro Pena Underscores Sustainability Efforts on Company’s 75th Anniversary

Keter Group was first founded in Israel in 1948. Over the years, Keter garnered a reputation for offering sustainable, long-lasting, and affordable consumer products in the home and decor industries. Leaning on the importance of sustainable resin as their primary material of choice, Keter was soon broadening its reach across the nation and the rest of the world.

Most recently, Keter Group has found itself operating 24 plants and manufacturing facilities while selling products to meet the needs of consumers in 90+ countries. Keter’s vision of providing affordable and accessible products at bargain-bin prices has made them more than notable, making them an industry game-changer.

Adirondack Chair: 75th Anniversary of Keter Group

To truly understand and appreciate the work done by Alejandro Pena and Keter, we can look at the Adirondack Chair. The classic Adirondack Chair is made from recycled resin-based substances that require no additional maintenance. With the beneficial properties of the resin, consumers can enjoy a chair that is naturally resistant to the weather while offering additional support.

Alejandro Pena says of his work, “Our vision is that through the power of innovation, the power of our brands, and by leveraging our global footprint, and the vast resources and global resources we have, we will become the leading company in our space and all global consumer products with well-known brands.”

The Zero-Wood Chair, as Keter refers to the Adirondack Chair, saves more than 27 pounds of virgin wood and an additional 50 trees by utilizing sustainable resin materials. Throughout 2021, Keter avoided using 210,000 tons of C02e (carbon dioxide mixed with other greenhouse gases) thanks to its use of recycled resin rather than virgin materials.

Additional benefits of the resin material include UV protection that prevents cracking, fading, and peeling. With this added benefit, consumers can enjoy longevity for their outdoor items for years. Keter’s additional focus on waste conversion has turned them into a climate-positive and cost-effective producer of sustainable materials.

Looking to the Future With Alejandro Pena

In addition to its focus on sustainability and innovation, Alejandro Pena has long been focused on creating an environment where people can find success. With products already sold at Target, Lowes, and Walmart, Keter is rapidly expanding its reach into newer, more populated markets.

CEO Alejandro Pena believes they have become a destination for workers and consumers alike through its reach and focus on innovation. Pena says, “We are also a responsible member of our community and the place where people would want to come and work and be a part of our company.”

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