Yubo Partners With Yoti For Age Verification Technology

Yubo has been making waves in the social networking site industry ever since it started getting a lot of Gen-Z users. Even though it is always been hard for social networks to make sure that younger users can talk to their peers in a real and safe way, Yubo is committed to fixing this problem. Yubo has always taken the safety of its users very seriously. However, their new way of verifying age is setting a new standard for keeping online user communities safe.

Age Verification Technology on Yubo

The new age verification technique was implemented by Yubo in partnership with proven digital identity provider Yoti. It is meant to make the age verification process as easy as possible for users who wish to access the Yubo platform.

People who want to use the Yubo app must take a selfie. But this is not just any picture. It is a short movie that Yoti’s liveness algorithm looks at to ensure the image was really captured in the present time and was not Photoshopped or sourced online. Yoti’s technology then looks at the picture and figures out the user’s age based on what it sees. The approximate age is then compared to the user’s listed age when they created their account. If there is a match, the user’s age is confirmed. If the information does not match, on the other hand, users must take an extra step to prove their age, which may include attaching certain documents. This technology is operated by Yoti, a market leader in online privacy and security services that uses and makes cutting-edge solutions. The age estimation technique has a 98.9% accuracy rate.

At first, only people who were 13 or 14 could use the tool to check their age, but the ultimate goal of the platform was to check the age of every user. The goal is for all Yubo users to be completely safe. Thanks to a faster rollout of this new technology following the initial trial went well, all IOS users have been verified three months ahead of schedule. In the coming weeks, age-verification technology will also be required of Android users, who make up about 10% of Yubo users.

Yubo made sure that, along with these advanced levels of security for users, there was still room to protect users’ privacy.

No personal papers, ID cards, or other private information are needed because the whole process is based on an algorithm that looks at the picture. The only time this does not work is when a user’s verification fails. In that case, they will have to show more proof.

Yubo’s goal from the start has been to give the next generation more power. The new way to check someone’s age on the platform makes this goal even stronger. Yubo will keep growing as a social media network because its growth is based on a new way to use technology.

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